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We may be a new company, but we aren’t new at doing stone. We have spent over a decade in the stone industry doing just about every aspect of every single job associated with granite, marble, quartz, and many other stone types. We have bought, sold, transported, cut, polished, edged, installed, cleaned and sealed thousands of kitchens and bathrooms. We have also inspected, removed, repaired, and replaced scores of jobs that were either installed poorly by others or were damaged during a house fire or tornado. Over the years, we have seen first hand how amazingly beautiful and tough granite can be when done properly. Often, granite countertops are still re-usable even after a house fire. On the other hand, we have also seen that sometimes things happen to even the most careful of homeowners and that even with it’s many fantastic strengths, granite has one main weakness… staining. With that said, it’s true that pure granite is naturally stain resistant and a select few could possibly go stain-free in the right home without ever being sealed. The trouble is that most slabs of “granite” are not pure granite (and possibly might not have ANY granite in them at all), and since granite is a natural product, no two slabs are the same. Therefore we in the stone industry must protect against the weakest of it’s minerals.

There are many sealing products out there, ranging from topical sealers that must be reapplied every 6-12 months to long-term sealers like ours. So why start a company to add another sealing option to the mix? Simply stated, it’s Our Warranty. There is nobody else that combines top-notch customer service with cutting edge products like we do. Many sealing companies (as well as most quartz companies) will only purchase a new slab of material if their product fails. What about the removal of stained tops? The fabrication of new material? The re-installation of new tops? Who is going to cover the cost for those things? Is it fair that because a third party’s product failed, the homeowner and the fabricator now have to work out which of them is responsible for those costs? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We are here for both the customer and the fabricator…to protect your investment. We have spent the last year working with the top sealing manufacturers in the world to create the best seal against common household stains possible for your countertops. After dozens and dozens of tests we are confident that our unique sealing process is the best available, and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

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