Trident Sealing Company Warranty

Trident Sealing Company’s unique stone sealing process is truly revolutionizing the natural stone industry. We feel we provide the best countertop protection available. How sure are we that our process will keep your countertops safe from permanent staining? Just look at our warranty. We put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee that for 15 years you won’t get a stain we can’t remove, or we will replace all of the matching countertops in the entire room*. That’s right. All of them. And when we say replace, we mean remove the old tops as well as fabricate and install new ones.

With all that said, it’s always a good idea to clean up any food or spills immediately. Most of the time, “stains” are just something that has been allowed to dry in the pores of the stone and are avoidable if cleaned up quickly.

*Our Not-So-Fine-Print

*Here at Trident, we don’t buy into the whole “fine print” theology of promising one thing and then crawfishing out of it in the fine print. Simply stated, we guarantee you will be stain free for 15 years. With Trident you are buying peace of mind. If you get a stain, you make a quick phone call to the fabricator you purchased it from and it will be taken care of. There’s no maintenance, no hassle, no third degree. It’s actually giving you all the things you purchased granite countertops for. Simply use your countertops and clean them as you normally would with any stone-approved cleaner.

But wait a minute… We know what you’re thinking. “Why do you have that little * after your promise if there isn’t some kind of catch?”  Glad you asked. Our guarantee is a pretty straightforward one- so straightforward in fact that it would be foolish to think that someone wouldn’t come along to take advantage of that fact. -“Do unto others as you would have done to you.”- We’re pretty sure someone really important said that. Because we believe in that principle, we strive to bring the best protection against stains available. However, there is NOTHING on God’s green Earth that is 100% stain proof. We simply cannot give a blanket “Do-whatever-you-want” policy and expect to be in business very long. We seal your countertops with a sealer BEST suited to protect you against NORMAL household stains. We say “normal” because not everyone’s household uses the kitchen or bath in the same way. Therefore we have to be clear that we aren’t guaranteeing our product against any and all stains that come from YOUR normal, but rather for the ones that we see causing trouble in MOST households. In protecting against the many common stains you will almost definitely encounter, we cannot cover some of the stains that only a few houses will. For instance, do we protect against coffee and red wine? Yes… Do we protect against your teenage son’s chemistry experiment? Not so much… Pasta sauce and olive oil? You bet… A spilled bottle of fingernail polish remover? Negative. For more on that, see “Things that Void the Warranty” in our FAQ.